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NoAdware - scan for adware
NoAdware will scan your PC Absolutely FREE and let you know if you have any files that are infecting your PC! Don't let people invade your privacy and slow down your PC! Download NoAdware and try it for FREE! Hint: After download, if file extension is .exe.zip, rename file to noadware.exe

CD AutoRun
CD AutoRun (freeware or pro version) is a program which pops up a splash screen that you design when someone inserts your CD in their computer. This program is for people who master/burn/write their own CDs. It is very customisable and allows you to have buttons with normal, mouseover and mousedown states!

Pocket PC Software
Since 1997, Applian Technologies Inc. has been a premier software developer for Windows CE-based appliances, especially the incredible Pocket PC. Applian supports the Pocket PC, H/PC, Palm-size PC and PC. Download free or trial software!

PADMan (access to hundreds of freeware apps), Euromat (office/currency calculator), Mediamat (file manager), RemoteKeys (macro recorder) and many more... English and German.

Free Agent
Free News reader.

Text HTML editor, editor for perl, java, C++,etc. included. For this price (careware),
this is the best buy;).

If you have a FTP account, for simple work with your pages (upload, scripts chmod ..), you don't need better FTP client.

You can forget Windows Explorer after installing this program. More functions, including compression, graphic viewers (and animated gifs)... all in one. Try to find on shareware or download.com if link above doesn't work.

You just need to press button for fill form field with your URL, description or what you want.. Freeware or pro version.

Sambar Server
The Sambar Server is a multi-threaded HTTP, FTP and Proxy server for Windows NT and Windows 9x


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